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Ae71 – تأسست شركه AE71 لتقديم خدمات التسويق الرقمي من اجل تحقيق أفضل وصول للعملاء المحتملين للعمل معهم على تحقيق مبيعات ومكاسب لمجال أعمالهم.

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Digital Marketing
The way it's meant to be.

AE71 is a digital marketing agency that provides its clients with the best tools and plans for their businesses to sky-rocket.
Together, success is only a few steps away!

Creative Ideas With Our Services

We provide several digital marketing services such as purchasing advertising space on high-traffic sites, creating and managing advertising marketing campaigns and making reports focusing on advertising performance and the best profit.

Launch your Digital Campaign Now

Digital marketing Agency Services

We provide strategic guidance and clarity to our clients and work closely with them from the planning stage through tactical execution, and success analysis.

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Brand awareness campaigns and increase reach

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mobile app

Campaigns to support downloading mobile applications and app rating

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Registration campaigns on the site and subscription to messaging services

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Interested customer registration campaigns will boost the content quickly.

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social media

Create social media strategic planning, budgeting and social media channels.

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Create digital media planning, audience targeting and projected spending

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Types of ad targeting

There are many different types of ad targeting for online campaigns, But we wanted to put together some of the most popular methods of targeting.

  • City level Targeting
  • Networks Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Gender & Age Targeting
  • Social Media Channels Targeting
  • Re-marketing campaigns

Goal-Oriented Results for Online campaigns

You can use different ad formats across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and audience networks using image, video and instant experience ads.

  • Pay per impression: You are paid only if your ad appears 1,000 times to the target audience
  • Pay per click: You are only charged when you click on your ad or visit the website
  • Pay per registration: You are only charged in case the user registers through email or phone number
  • Pay per download: You are only charged when downloading the app
  • Pay per action: You are only charged when registering on the site or subscribing to a service
  • Pay per sale: You are only charged when purchasing a product on the e-commerce site
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Submit reports

You know that marketing reporting is an essential part of your marketing efforts. it tells you whether your marketing campaigns are performing well or whether your marketing strategy has to be refined.

  • The number of impressions and accesses
  • Number of clicks
  • Registration number
  • Cost and budget
  • Age and gender results of social media campaigns
  • Advertising pay model
Advertising price

Ad prices vary according to targeting, standard goals of ads and volume of competition in the same industry. The client's budget determines the desired goal of the ad campaign.

Save time managing social media for your business

Set up all activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Xing and LinkedIn from other channels in a central and efficient way.

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